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Code of Practice for Assessors

The aim of this Code of Practice is to support professionally responsible and ethical assessment practice. The code is from the Assessment Guidelines for the Training and Assessment Training Package. It is loosely based on an international code developed by the National Council for Measurement in Education.

Training Services Australia expects its assessors to comply with this code.

  • The differing needs and requirements of the candidates, the local enterprise/s and / or industry are identified and handled with sensitivity.
  • Potential forms of conflict of interest in the assessment process and / or outcomes are identified, and appropriate referrals are made, if necessary.
  • All forms of harassment are avoided throughout the assessment process and in the review and reporting of assessment outcomes.
  • The rights of candidates are protected during and after the assessment process. Candidates are made aware of their rights and processes of appeal.
  • Personal or interpersonal factors that are irrelevant to the assessment of competence must not influence the assessment outcomes.
  • Evidence is verified against the rules of evidence. Assessment decisions are based on available evidence that can be produced and verified by another assessor.
  • Assessments are conducted within the boundaries of the assessment system policies and procedures.
  • Formal agreement is obtained from candidates and the assessor that the assessment was carried out in accordance with agreed procedures.
  • Assessment systems and tools are consistent with equal opportunity legislation.
  • Candidates are informed of all assessment reporting processes prior to the assessment.
  • Candidates are informed of all known potential consequences of assessment decisions prior to the assessment.
  • Confidentiality is maintained regarding assessment decisions / outcomes and records of individual assessment outcomes which identify personal details are only released with the written permission of the candidate/s.
  • Assessment outcomes are used consistently with the purposes explained to candidates.
  • Self-assessments are periodically conducted to ensure current competence against the Training and Assessment Training Package (TAA04) competency standards.
  • Professional development opportunities are identified and sought.
  • Opportunities for networking amongst assessors are created and maintained.
  • Opportunities are created for technical assistance in planning, conducting and reviewing assessment practice and participating in validation.

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